Chicken & Leek Filo Pie with White Wine Gravy
October 9, 2009


Okay, so I got these recipes from Delicious Magazine but they don’t seem to have them on their website yet. Mr. Darcy raved so much about this dish however, that I will type them up anyway. I have to say, I modified them ever so slightly for my preferences so I’ll only write up what I did.

Now, this is a very slow-going and admittedly dedicated recipe…well, I should say 2 recipes. Hee hee. What can I say? Some days – like these cold, rainy horrid English days – it’s lovely to burrow into the kitchen for hours, sipping tea and pottering about with herbs and creamy sauces. So don’t bother whipping this recipe out for a quick dinner, rather devote your hard work to either a very appreciative and discerning partner, or a dinner party with friends. I don’t know how to host a dinner party, so it was all Mr. Darcy.



Parsnip, Apple & Thyme Soup
September 17, 2009


The slightest hint of winter in the air is enough for me to break out the warm recipes. In this case, I was already cooking a chicken pot roast for Mr. Darcy (see previous entry) and it actually prompted me to knock up my own soup. I had parsnips and apples that needed eating, plus thyme and shallots from the roast. I slow cooked everything on the hob during the last 35 mins of the chicken and had time to spare for making a brownie mixture (see next, it’s dead easy!).

Chicken Pot Roast
September 17, 2009


After cooking any number of roasts, I wanted to try a different method of cooking a whole chicken. Pot roast looked ideal because the bird is immersed in juices, and – for those running a busy household – has the added benefit of yielding some delicious stock suitable for freezing into cubes for future use in gravy and soup.

As this is a hob-to-oven recipe, you can either use one casserole dish that can take direct heat or fry everything off in a large pan and then transfer to a casserole for the oven. If you’re unsure if your casserole can sit directly on flame, then do the frying pan option to avoid picking bits of shrapnel out of your arms. This method won’t retain as much of the flavoury bits that form in one pot, but most people wouldn’t notice the difference.


Roast Beef with Thyme Potatoes and Gravy
August 24, 2009


Today was perfect for an English Sunday roast: England won the Ashes, Lewis Hamilton was back on the podium at the Valencia Formula 1, and we (along with everyone else, it seems) had actually been hoping that Rubens Barrichello would come out first place anyway. The sun was out all day but with a cool harbour breeze, and there was live music to be heard all around. I had to make Mr. Darcy (husband) a roast, didn’t I?