First: Rustic Loaf
October 18, 2009


There it is – already well eaten and full of soft homeliness. It took quite a while, but it came out exactly as the recipe said it would. Considering how cheap the ingredients are, it would be ideal to keep a steady rotation of starter and give up buying shop/bakery loaves altogether. That and it tastes sooo much more authentic. Though I have to say, I’ll need to make wholemeal loaves to keep the old guts down on me and Mr. Darcy. Lately our stomachs start cuddling before the rest of us reaches each other.



Olive, Cheese & Onion Cake
August 23, 2009


A fave on my new Recipezaar account – recipe here

Noting a few other users being a bit wary about the amount of milk, I used 150ml which was perfect for the 30min time recommended for a large loaf. And yes, I use whole milk (skinny people stay away). I tested this cake out for a visit from my best friend Julia – should the British weather hold out, I’m planning on picnics at a few of the many areas of natural beauty or stately homes in the area. Something light and slightly quiche-ey is called for on such occasions…perhaps with a trifle, if I can keep it chilled.

A little side note: doesn’t it look like there’s a frowny face on the top slice and a smiley face on the second slice? Maybe it’s just me.