Luxury Apple Crumble
September 27, 2009


(I was begged to serve this so fast that I didn’t get a proper photo until two large helpings had gone – just 1/2 hour after baking, there was hardly any left!)

Apple crumble recipes seem to vary pretty widely in their measurements and ingredients, but they all share a common trait of being far too boring for my liking. My take on this dessert is that it should have a refined, exquisite flavour. Simply boiling up a bunch of apples and chucking some floury butter on top is an insult to baking, as is the completely pathetic amount of cinnamon I see used.



Parsnip, Apple & Thyme Soup
September 17, 2009


The slightest hint of winter in the air is enough for me to break out the warm recipes. In this case, I was already cooking a chicken pot roast for Mr. Darcy (see previous entry) and it actually prompted me to knock up my own soup. I had parsnips and apples that needed eating, plus thyme and shallots from the roast. I slow cooked everything on the hob during the last 35 mins of the chicken and had time to spare for making a brownie mixture (see next, it’s dead easy!).