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Gluten-free, Dairy-free Muffins
January 9, 2011

As anyone with food allergies will know, finding enough food for a satisfied stomach is pretty difficult. My sister has only recently found a complete solution to her stomach troubles, and it’s taken all gluten, dairy, and high-fructose corn syrup based products out of her diet. In an effort to provide balance, I looked more closely at the recipe for my cinnamon muffins and started to replace the ¬†ingredients.

I should start by saying that I still use eggs here; sis can’t have them on their own, but used in baking has been just fine. I would also recommend close scrutiny when selecting the special diet items; most department store brands sneak in sugars and additives. Fresh Direct or Whole Foods in the US are your best bets. Not wanting to use this blog for schilling, I’ve decided to put the brand names in this recipe so that you can get exactly the same results.



Cinnamon Bombs
September 5, 2009


I am surrounded on all sides of my family by cinnamon lovers. It can be cinnamon toast, cinnamon carrot cake, cinnamon in tea…and now these cinnamon muffins. My parents and sister have yet to try them, but I have to ship them somehow. My husband has dubbed them (in a voice stuttering with passion) “these may well be…no, they are…the best sweet anything I have ever tasted”. It’s an equally evocative scent for me. At Christmas my mum used to put out bowls full of cinnamon sticks all over the house, and is associated in my memory with those rare ‘cold’ December days in Florida. Stupid kids up north and their stupid snowmen (I was insanely jealous).

Click here for recipe – courtesy of Recipezaar user Kim1. I will make one addendum to this recipe, which is just to add more cinnamon. One heaped teaspoon is good, or you could go full on like me and do 2 tsps. (Buttercream icing recipe below the cut)

So get ready to bow down to your new Cinnamon Overlord – pray that it be merciful and kind!


Strawberry & Peach Muffins
August 23, 2009


I saw these in a Waitrose magazine and went out straight away to buy fresh fruit – recipe here.


Lemon & Poppyseed Muffins
July 27, 2009


I figured I’d start with this recipe as it’s my first header image.

Made with recipe from

I made the glaze real easy, just added about 20ml of the leftover lemon juice to 100g of sifted icing sugar. I pushed the muffins all close together on the drying rack (put some kitchen foil underneath) and drizzled it from about shoulder height.

I decided to replace the lemon extract with more fresh lemon juice. I had these tested out on a small group (albeit with a dollop of lemon icing, rather than the glaze) and they also felt that the zestiness is far preferable to the bitterness of extract.