Jammy Linzer Biscuits

linzer1[lol – do not use cookie cutters on this one]

Linzers are real Golden Days fare, with an incredibly simple biscuit sandwiched together with any available jam and dusted with icing sugar. They store well in a tin, go absolutely perfectly with hot tea, and generally comfort the cash-strapped soul. Mr. Darcy and I are facing quite a monumental move and are savouring only the most basic, homemade treats. Honestly, it’s been lovely – we haven’t missed anything tied to money at all.

A Recipezaar bookmark for this recipe. As I wrote in the comments, I would advise against using any sort of cookie cutter (even though the main image shows a beautifully executed heart shape). The dough is far too soft and loose, which of course makes for great crumbly biscuits. Just check out the (endearingly) wonky results of mine up there ๐Ÿ˜€ So, stick to the directions in the recipe and you won’t go wrong!



3 Responses

  1. I love linzer cookies. My favorites are made with walnuts and raspberry filling. Where are you moving?

    • Ooh, walnuts would be delicious! Sadly husband isn’t a fan of nuts in baking, and these were a concession to him for baking cake he didn’t like ๐Ÿ˜› And did I not tell you about our USA move?? It’s had so many twists and turns, but we’re coming to Fla in November and then up to the colonies in Jan! I’ll send you my contact details to see if we’re in the same place soon…it’s been ages!!

      • oh, I would love to meet up! Yes, let me know where you two end up! We will definitely be in Fla for the month of December.

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